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The Lake House, Luxury Log Home

Set above a mountain lake, and capturing Granite Peaks and star studded nights at every turn this three story Log Home makes you feel as if you are one with nature. If the two story garage isn’t enough the covered Log Bridge will direct you towards the custom kitchen and expansive living areas adorned with Alder Doors and White Oak planked floors. The Log stairs act as a conversation piece but the massive Log Newell Post running through all the floors makes one feel secure and confident that this home is here to stay. The lower bedrooms are accented with log ceiling beams and custom moldings milled on site. Bathrooms enveloped in artesian tiles and granite counters compliment the Alder, Pine White Oak trim used throughout. A lazy afternoon can be spent on adjoining decks contemplating your next great adventure, or maybe not… Radiant Heat adds comfort and a sense of belonging as you move from room to room but also adds to the overall safety of this home. Yes safety, the roof is also heated and
automatically reacts to the temperature changes to melt off Snow and Ice hazards.

The Great Room with its’ Cathedral Ceiling and huge window array invites you to enjoy the log railed deck and Barbecue area. The dining area incorporates a log alcove that draws light in and makes you feel as if you are floating above the large boulders below. The third floor family room and bath gives you a bird’s eye view of the massive 28’ long log support beams and the powder blue shimmer of the lake in the distance. The Lake House is that home that everyone dreams about, not too big. not too small, just perfect!