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Coldsprings Log Homes

The old adage “This ain’t your Grandparents Log Home” has never been more true. For centuries the Log Home has been the most enduring and captivating structure known. Countless dreams have revolved around a log home nestled in a scenic meadow, perched atop a crashing shoreline or mirrored along a picturesque lake.

Our ancestral instincts draw us to these homes for protection against the elements, versatility of design and the sheer beauty of the materials used to build them. But, this primitive connection is just that, primitive. The modern log home is innovative, durable, creative and anchored in Green Technology. For over 35 years Cold Springs Construction has been at the forefront of this movement. Recognized as one of the leaders in specialty Log Crafting and Timber Design, our homes have been showcased throughout California.

Before your eyes, branches seemingly reach through the living areas of your home, floating log staircases sweep to upper floors and distinctive log furniture compliment your surroundings, all with the knowledge of minimal impact to the environment. Trees, by design, are the ultimate in structural integrity. Their molecular structure allows them to withstand incredible climate conditions and at the same time are a nonconductor of heat and cold. Creating a home that is both durable and beautiful, we individually select each log and timber to meet our clients specific needs, paying special attention to budget constraints and individual preferences in the look and feel of your home. Our knowledge of not only the building side but also the production application side gives added benefits of lower insurance costs, site development costs and reduced municipal fees.

Cold Springs Construction, when possible, uses only standing dead wood and flash fire logs and timbers, removing much of the need to harvest living trees. Nothing is wasted! Green Technology is brought to a level where the entire tree is used, even the bark is recycled!

Nothing compares to the artistry and simplicity of a Log or Timber Framed home in design and function. The allure is routed in our desire for comfort, safety and lasting value. Our homes encompass a vast array of innovative and technological advancements, from high-tech insulation, (far superior to conventionally framed houses), to space age coatings and polymer sealants. Automated Heating and Air systems, Green Lighting and High Efficient Appliances enable our clients to maintain a lifestyle while still being considerate of the environment around us. Cold Springs Construction combines these elements with traditional techniques, modern technology, good old fashion ethics and hard work to create your one of a kind sanctuary.

Generations of our family in the construction industry has defined Cold Springs Construction as Master Craftsman in scribing and fitting truly unique homes. We have devoted over 35 years to the honing of our abilities to craft the ultimate living experience for our clients. Whether it is a small weekend retreat or an expansive family gathering place, we are able to bring your dreams to life. We are unmatched in our ability to take raw concepts and make it “uniquely yours” and something you will be proud to share with generations to come. Our passion goes beyond just the building, In the end, our clients become our friends and family members sharing a legacy of enduring memories.

Thank you for considering us to be part of your Dream!

Kris Miller
Cold Springs Construction
(530) 263-9379